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20 lutego 2019 - Seminarium Wydziałowe

Serdecznie zapraszamy na Seminarium Wydziałowe, w trakcie, którego prof. Bunsho Ohtani z Hokkaido University w Sapporo, wygłosi wykład zatytułowany:
"Logic in Scientific Studies"

Seminarium odbędzie się we środę 20.02.2019 r, o godzinie 10:00, w sali A0-03, na Wydziale Chemii.



It is no need to say that scientific studies are performed to find "truth" based on discussion with results of experimental and/or theoretical works and the discussion is made "logic". However, we have not many chances to check and understand the logic required for the scientific discussion. In this talk I will present some examples found in my more than 35-years research experience mainly in the field of catalysis and photocatalysis. This may be just personal, but it can be shown that attempts to use scientific logic correctly leads to successful research activities, presentation, publication and networking.