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20 września 2022 - wykład prof. S. Schindlera

Wykładowca: Prof. Siegfried Schindler
Tytuł wykładu: Brave New World: Science in the Metaverse
Termin: wtorek 20 września godz. 15.00
Lokalizacja: Wydział Chemii UJ, sala A0-04

The Metaverse is approaching fast and it will most likely revolutionize our life probably even more than the smartphones (in combination with the internet) already did. Very interesting will be how this is going to effect teaching and research in science. In the presentation there will be a focus on what is going to come and what already can be used, especially with a focus on chemistry.

Prof. Siegfried Schindler is a professor for inorganic chemistry at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen, Germany. His research is focused on bioinorganic chemistry, especially on the activation of dioxygen (modeling copper and iron enzymes). However, he is also highly interested in teaching and how to apply modern developments in education (feed back systems, electronic exams etc) as well as in research (lab 4.0, electronic lab books). Since about ten years he is involved in applications using Virtual and/or Augmented Reality.