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PhD degree

Procedures for completing education at the Doctoral School

The procedures and deadlines for completing education are specified in the announcement of the Director.

Templates of the required documents required to be submitted to the School Secretariat can be found on the Doctoral School website and include:

  1. Certificate of completion of education - the document is created and issued on request by Ms. Elżbieta Zembala, after consultation with the head of the Chemistry Programme.
    Please do not fill out the form from the School website yourself.
  2. Application - continuation of the payment of the scholarship after the submission of the dissertation

Conferment of academic degree of doctor for students at the Doctoral School

Pursuant to the Procedure of proceedings for the conferment of academic degrees at Jagiellonian University, all documents concerning the conferment of the academic degree of doktor shall be submitted to the Research Discipline Council of Chemical Sciences at the Dean’s office to Ms Małgorzata Gierczak.

List and templates of required documents:

  1. Application for the initiation of the procedure for conferring the academic degree of doctor
  2. Master's degree diploma, and in the case of a nostrified diploma, a copy of the certificate together with a certified copy of the diploma
  3. Doctoral dissertation prepared in paper version (3 copies) and on an electronic data carrier;
  4. Positive opinion of the promoter/promoters on the dissertation;
  5. Summary of the dissertation in English, no longer than 10 pages; if the work is prepared in a foreign language, also a summary in Polish, no longer than 10 pages;
  6. A statement in which the candidate indicates the discipline in which he/she is applying for a doctoral degree;
  7. Approved certificate from the doctoral school confirming the completion of education at the doctoral school;
  8. A report approved by the supervisor, confirming that the doctoral dissertation has been checked with the use of the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System, along with the supervisor's assessment of whether the dissertation is an original work;
  9. Information about the candidate's publications broken down into:
    • selected one publication with co-authors' statements (description of the co-author's contribution + percentage of each author contribution),
    • other publications related to the doctoral thesis,
    • publications not related to the doctoral thesis;
  10. Statement that the submitted dissertation has not been the subject of any other proceedings for the award of a doctoral degree and that no proceedings for the award of a degree in the same discipline are pending;
  11. Statement on the use of text generation tools using artificial intelligence.