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Important Informations

Detailed information on conducting independent research, assessment of the results and the annual evaluation procedure

  1. A doctoral student conducts research under the supervision of a scientific supervisor who provides them with scientific consultations, access to the necessary equipment, together with instructions and rules of its use.
  2. Research results and annual report a.
    • A doctoral student communicates the results of research to the scientific supervisor on a regular basis and reports them in the annual report.
    • The supervisor (or where applicable supervisors or the supervisor together with an assistant supervisor) provide opinion on the annual report presented by the doctoral student.
    • The annual report, approved by the scientific supervisor/s, is evaluated by the manager of the 'Chemistry' programme, who (taking into account additional circumstances, cf. point 4) decides on satisfactory or unsatisfactory grade for the year.
    • In case of doubts whether the scientific material presented by the doctoral student is sufficient for the satisfactory grade for the year, the programme manager consults the scientific supervisor.
  3. During the full period of education in the Doctoral School, it is required that the doctoral student's research leads to preparation of at least one scientific article published in a scientific journal or in peer-reviewed materials from an international conference, which in the year of publication of the article in its final form were included in the list prepared in accordance with regulations issued on the basis of art. 267 sec. 2 point 2b, or one scientific monograph issued by a publisher who, in the year of publication of the monograph in its final form, was included in the list (of approved publishers) prepared in accordance with the regulations issued on the basis of Art. 267 sec. 2 point 2a, or a chapter in such a monograph (Act of 20 July 2018. Law on Higher Education and Science.) Current and annual assessment of the doctoral student's research progress is carried out in terms of meeting this requirement.
  4. The head of the education program gives a passing grade for the year to the doctoral student if
    • research work of the doctoral student in the reporting period is evaluated positively;
    • the research work of the doctoral student in the reporting period was positively assessed by the scientific supervisor;
    • the doctoral student has completed all mandatory courses and optional courses required for the given year of education in the program, has completed the required professional training and has fulfilled all other obligations required in the study program and an individual research plan.
  5. With regard to point 4c, in justified cases (e.g. international internships), the program manager considers the possibility of passing grade for the year with the transfer of some doctoral student duties to the next academic year (paragraph 7 point 3 of the Regulations of the Doctoral School).

Rules for granting doctoral theses with distinction by the Discipline Council of Chemical Sciences of the Jagiellonian University

The doctoral commission recommends to the Chemical Sciences Discipline Council to award the doctoral dissertation with a distinction, taking into account:

  1. High scientific level and quality of the doctoral thesis - it is necessary to include in the reviews recommendations with justification by at least two reviewers.
  2. Documented achievements of the doctoral student - at least 4 publications from the Philadelphia list or the total IF above 10; only publications related to the doctoral dissertation can be taken into account;
  3. Time for completion of the doctoral study - submission of the thesis within 5 years from the start of education at the Doctoral School, excluding hardship or parental leaves, except for external doctorates;
  4. Course of the public defence of the thesis.

Information on competitions: Excellence Initiative - Jagiellonian University

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