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For Candidates

PhD programme in Chemistry enables gaining a broad knowledge as the basis for future professional careers and competencies necessary for scientific research, as well as the acquisition and development of educational and professional skills. The curriculum primarily consists of scientific research carried out as part of the preparation of a doctoral dissertation, in accordance with an individual research plan prepared by the doctoral student in consultation with the supervisor. Mandatory and optional courses allow individualized and very flexible selection of the education content.

How to choose a potential promoter?

  1. Below a list of proposed topics (or more generally, topics) for doctoral theses are presented along with the names of potential supervisors.
  2. The candidate may also propose own topic, provided that the proposal is agreed with potential supervisor.
  3. You can compare your own interests with the main research areas of individual departments.

List of proposed topics for doctoral dissertations


Information on the current admissions to the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences at Jagiellonian University can be found on the website of the Doctoral School:

Information on the "Chemistry" programme along with detailed recruitment conditions and required documents is available here

A candidate applying for admission to the "Chemistry" programme at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences is required to provide the opinion from a researcher with an academic title or the academic degree of doctor habilitated declaring the possibility of serving as scientific supervisor of the doctoral student.

Documents to be completed in English by the potential scientific supervisor:

Admission to the 'Chemistry' programme is based on ranking lists; an important element of the qualification procedure is an interview, which includes, among others, questions from the following subjects:

Topics for qualifying interview.

Recommended teaching materials:
Physical Chemistry, James Keeler, Julio de Paula, Peter Atkins
Oxford University Press (preferably 10th edition or higher)


Applications for the selected programmes take place via Online Application System

The Guide for Candidates and Doctoral Students of the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences at the Jagiellonian University is available here.

If case of questions or the need for clarification related to the admissions process please contact:
the PhD study programme Secretariat or the Doctoral School Secretariat