Invited lectures

  • Prof. Bahaa M. Abu-Zied (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Topic: 'Oscillatory Behaviour during N2O Decomposition over Co-ZSM-5, Cu-ZSM-5 and Fe-ZSM-35 Catalysts Prepared by the Solid-State Ion Exchange Method'

  • Prof. Agustín Bueno López (Alicante, Spain)

Topic: 'N2O decomposition over RhOx/Ceria Catalysts'

  • Prof. Pascal Granger (Villeneuve d'Ascq, France)

Topic: 'New opportunities of noble metal-doped perovskites for the removal of NOx and N2O from nitric acid plant'

  • Dr Michalis Konsolakis (Crete, Greece)

Topic: ‘Nitrous Oxide decomposition over non-precious metal oxide catalysts : recent advances and future perspectives'

  • Prof. Lucie Obalová (Ostrava, Czech Republic)

Topic: ‘N2O catalytic decomposition – pilot plant application'

  • Dr Daniela Pietrogiacomi (Rome, Italy)

Topic: ‘Transition metal ions supported on ZrO2 or exchanged in mordenite for N2O abatement'

  • Prof. Albin Pintar (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Topic: ‘Topic: N2O decomposition over nanoshaped CuO/CeO2 catalysts: New insights into reaction mechanism by in situ and operando techniques'

  • Prof. Wilhelm Schwieger (Erlangen, Germany)

Topic: ‘Abatement of N2O emissions over iron containing MFI-type zeolites'