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Crisis Situations

Conflict resolution

Participants of the doctoral school may turn to the program manager or directly to the Director of the School with problems related to the education process, conflict with the supervisor or the program manager as well as other personal and emotional problems. Problems may be addressed personally or in writing.

Detailed information on the anti-mobbing procedure at the Jagiellonian University:

Detailed solutions to ensure gender equality: Gender Equality Plan for the Jagiellonian University.

Doctoral students with disabilities may contact the JU Disabled Persons Office. All necessary information can be found at

All PhD students can obtain free psychological support in Polish, Ukrainian and English at the Student Support and Adaptation Centre. All necessary information can be found at

A doctoral student may address their problems to the following committees and societies:

Faculty committee for doctoral students

Society of PhD Students of the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

Jagiellonian University Doctoral Students Society