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Lidia Libowicz-Nadobny
“Nanostructured hybrid materials for orthopedic regenerative therapy”
Supervisor: Professor Maria Nowakowska
                 Professor Tadeusz Niedźwiedzki

Joanna Gryboś
“HR TEM and DFT investigations into morphology and structure of oxide nanocrystals”
Supervisor : Professor Zbigniew Sojka

Dominika Pawcenis
“Developing a method of molar mass distribution determination of fibroin and cellulose using size exclusion chromatography”
Supervisor : Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil.

Bartosz Marszałek
“Characterization of Metal-Organic Frameworks for potential commercial applications”
Supervisor : Barbara Gil, Dr habil.

Patrycja Gołębiowska
“Stereocontrolled synthesis of pandarosides E-J”
Supervisor : Professor Jacek Młynarski

Klaudyna Śpiewak
“Modification of proteins from transferrin family by metal ions for biomedical application”
Supervisor : Professor Grażyna Stochel

Karol Dudek
“Thermal studies of lithium batteries under high current rates and other experiments used in IBSE methodology and assessment trainings for sciences teachers”
Supervisor: Professor Anna Migdał-Mikuli

Agnieszka Martyna
“Diferentiation of microtraces based on their feature obtained using advanced instrumental analytical techniques, supported by chemometric tools and likelihood ratio approach for forensic purposes”
Supervisor : Grzegorz Zadora, Dr habil.

Szymon Wojtyła
“Reactive molecular oxygen species (1O2, O3)in heterogenous catalysis”
Supervisor : Professor Wojciech Macyk

Michał Płotek
“Synthesis and characterization of new ruthenium complexes possessing aminomethylphosphanes, with potential biological activity”
Supervisor: Professor Grażyna Stochel

Monika Gołda-Cępa
“Application of parylene C for implants surface tailoring: anti-infective and biocompatibility function”
Supervisor: Professor Andrzej Kotarba

Marcin Kobielusz
“Activation of C1 molecules in photocatalytic systems. The influence of electronic structure on the processes”
Supervisor : Professor Wojciech Macyk

Paweł Nowak
“Novel bioanalytical methods using the capillary electrophoresis technique”
Supervisor : Professor Paweł Kościelniak

Anna Regiel-Futyra
“Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and biological activity of composites based on biocompatible polymers and metal/metal oxides nanoparticles”
Supervisor: Professor Grażyna Stochel

Monika Bakierska
“Modified spinel systems as cathode materials and carbogel anode materials for energy storage in cheap and ecological lithium batteries (Li-ion)”
Supervisor: Marcin Molenda, Dr habil.

Kamila Kochan
“In situ spectroscopic analysis of lipids and other biochemical changes in the selected models of liver injury”
Supervisor : Professor Małgorzata Barańska

Kamil Jurowski
“Application of chromatographic and mass spectrometry techniques and biochemical methods to study lipid disorders caused by HIV-1 protease inhibitor protease modeling drug”
Supervisor : Professor Wojciech Piekoszewski

Małgorzata Cyza
“Spectroscopic and photochemical properties of novel photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy”
Supervisor : Professor Maria Nowakowska

Katarzyna Kubica
“Characterization of small-molecule antagonists for oncogenic proteins MDM2 and Hub1”
Supervisor : Professor Tadeusz Holak

Katarzyna Magiera
“Interaction of small-molecule inhibitors with the deubiquitinating protease USP2”
Supervisor : Professor Tadeusz Holak

Ewa Wierzbicka
“Electrochemical sensors for epinephrine determination based on gold nanostructures”
Supervisor: Grzegorz Sulka, Dr habil.

Karol Wolski
“ Synthesis and characterization of conductive polymer nanobrushes grafted from flat surfaces”
Supervisor : Professor Szczepan Zapotoczny

Sabina Podlewska
“Development of machine learning-based tools for computer-aided drug design”
Supervisor: Professor Andrzej Bojarski

Anna Styrcz
“Hybrid global optimization methods – in search of low-energy conformations of chemical molecules”
Supervisor : Professor Jacek Korchowiec

Katarzyna Sokołowska
“Functional polymeric carriers for biocatalysts for the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose”
Supervisor: Ewa Witek, Dr habil.

Anna Wach
“Amino-functionalization of mesoporous silicas by post-synthetic modification with selected polymers”
Supervisor : Professor Piotr Kuśtrowski

Michał Łomzik
“Synthesis and characterization of hybrid drugs based on ruthenium complex moiety and biologically active organic compounds”
Supervisor : Professor Grażyna Stochel
                  Philippe Gros, Dr

Agnieszka Chojnacka
“C/Sn nanocomposite anode materials for new generation energy storage systems”
Supervisor : Professor Roman Dziembaj

Rafał Sadowski
Photocatalytic coating for medicine and foot industry
Supervisor : Wojciech Macyk, Dr habil.
                   Professor Piotr Heczko

Karolina Persona
The impact of benzylpiperazine – a model compound from the group of designer drugs of abuse on the energy state of cells, apoptosis and oxidative stress
Supervisor : Professor Wojciech Piekoszewski
                  Professor Aldona Dembińska –Kieć

Magdalena Łukasiewicz-Atanasow
Liposomal nanocarriers of alkaline phosphatase stabilized by synthetic amphiphilic polyelectrolytes
Supervisor : Professor Maria Nowakowska

Katarzyna Majzner
Vibrational spectroscopy in the pharmacology of endothelium
Supervisor : Professor Małgorzata Barańska
                  Professor Stefan Chłopicki

Mateusz Brela
Application of the ETS-NOCV method based on DFT calculations in static and dynamic approach to modeling the electronic structure and reactivity of systems with potential technological importance
Supervisor : Professor Artur Michalak

Bartosz Gut
Synthesis of aldoses by enantioselective aldol reaction
Supervisor : Professor Jacek Młynarski

Paweł Boroń
An influence of speciation of transition metal species introduced into zeolites on their catalytic activity in the processes of nitrogen oxides conversion
Supervisor : Lucjan Chmielarz, Dr habil.

Piotr Legutko
Ternary oxides of KxMyOz (M=Mn, Fe, Co) as catalytic materials for soot combustion
Supervisor : Professor Andrzej Kotarba

Ewa Wrona
Small-molecule inhibitors of the Mdm2-p53 interaction. Substituted 1,5-dihydro-2H-pyrrol-2-ones and tetrazoles
Supervisor : Professor Tadeusz Holak

Mateusz Kozicki
Raman spectroscopy detection of human blood cells during health and disease state
Supervisor : Aleksandra Wesełucha -Birczyńska, Dr habil.

Ewa Pięta
Spectroscopic analysis of molecular structures and an adsorption process of phosphine pyridine derivatives, potential inhibitors of aminopeptidase N
Supervisor : Edyta Proniewicz, Dr habil.

Gabriela Kania
Biocompatible, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Supervisor : Professor Maria Nowakowska

Olga Mazuryk
Polypyridyl ruthenium complexes for cancer treatment and visualization
Supervisor : Professor Grażyna Stochel
                  Professor Tomasz Brzozowski

Justyna Ciejka
„Polymeric inhibitors and adsorbents of viruses causing respiratory tract infection
Supervisor : Krzysztof Szczubiałka, Dr habil.

Maciej Długosz
„Nanostructural photocatalysts – synthesis, properties and application form micropollutants abatement in water solution
Supervisor : Krzysztof Szczubiałka, Dr habil.

Marcelina Gorczyca
A study of the interactions between biologically active compounds and model lipid membranes
Supervisor : Professor Jacek Korchowiec
                    Ewa Luchter –Wasylewska, Dr habil

Jacek Bagniuk
Modern spectroscopic methods in non-invasive and micro-invasive analysis of paper degradation state
Supervisor : Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil.

Agnieszka Moos
Analysis of alternative biological materials for the purposes of toxicological expertise
Supervisor : Professor Paweł Kościelniak
                  Professor Małgorzata Kłys

Piotr Łątka
Synthesis and characterization of functional polymers active in aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Supervisor : Ewa Witek, Dr habil.

Jakub Staroń
The use of bioinosteric methods for the analysis of ligand-receptor binding mode at 5-HT6
Supervisor : Professor Andrzej Bojarski
                  Professor Barbara Oleksyn

Magdalena Maksymiak
Biodegradable polymeric materials as carriers of bioactive compounds
Supervisor : Grażyna Adamus, Dr habil.

Magdalena Jarosz
Nanoporous titanium dioxide layers as a material for bone implants
Supervisor : Professor Marian Jaskuła
                  Professor Marcin Majka

Joanna Szafraniec
Polymeric nanocapsules templated on liquid cores for controlled delivery of lipophilic drugs
Supervisor : Szczepan Zapotoczny, Dr habil.
                  Professor Stefan Chłopicki

Agatha Grela
Application of lipidomics in the search of depression biomarkers
Supervisor : Professor Wojciech Piekoszewski

Monika Dzieciuch –Rojek
Liposomal hybrid system for targeted tumor therapy in colon cancer
Supervisor : Professor Maria Nowakowska
                  Professor Marcin Majka

Monika Koperska
Degradation of natural fibers in artefacts: mechanism and inhibition
Supervisor : Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil.

Tomasz Mazur
Heterogeneous adducts of small molecules with intrazeolite nickel ions – continuous wave electron paramagnetic resonance and pulse hyperfine sublevel correlation spectroscopic studies
Supervisor : Professor Zbigniew Sojka

Tomasz Baran
Photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide in hybrid systems
Supervisor : Wojciech Macyk, Dr habil.
                   Professor Angela Dibenedetto

Roman Jędrzejczyk
Zeolitic materials as fillers of active package. Investigation of catalytic, sorptive and microbiological properties
Supervisor : Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil.

Mateusz Misa
Studies on a new synthetic strategy for preparation of zearalenone metabolites
Supervisor : Janusz Sepioł, Dr habil.

Agnieszka Kula
Comprehensive analysis of the black inkjet inks for forensic document examination
Supervisor : Professor Paweł Kościelniak.

Aleksandra Jaworska
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy in diagnostics of endothelium: from adsorption of pyridinium salts to physicochemical studies on cells
Supervisor : Professor Małgorzata Barańska

Szymon Chorąży
Multifunctional magnetic molecular materials based on 3d/4f metal ions and octacyanidometallates
Supervisor: Professor Barbara Sieklucka

Maciej Kochanowski
Application of gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry to determination of tetrahydrocannabinols for forensic purposes
Supervisor: Maria Kała, Dr habil.

Elżbieta Świętek
Redox characteristics of semiconducting photocatalytic materials
Supervisor: Wojciech Macyk, Dr habil.

Małgorzata Rutkowska
Catalytic decomposition of N2O using a new generation of functionalized microporous and mesoporous inorganic materials
Supervisor: Lucjan Chmielarz, Dr habil.

Dominika Święch
Investigation of the adsorption processes of bradykinin and its specifically mutated analogues immobilized onto silver, gold and copper surfaces using surface – enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)
Supervisor: Edyta Proniewicz, Dr habil.

Natalia Piergies
Analysis of the molecular structures of boron analogues of amino acids, potential kinase inhibitors, by vibrational spectroscopy methods
Supervisor: Edyta Proniewicz, Dr habil.

Michał Świętosławski
Polysilicate nanocomposite cathodes for new generation lithium-ion batteries
Supervisor: Professor Roman Dziembaj

Katarzyna Hnida
Template assisted synthesis of highly ordered semiconducting nanowire arrays for thermoelectric application
Supervisor: Grzegorz Sulka, Dr habil.

Tomasz Seidler
Joint theoretical and experimental studies of correlation between microscopic electric properties of molecules and optical properties of crystals
Supervisor: Professor Katarzyna Stadnicka

Alicja Kaźmierska
Macrocyclic Schiff  bases derivatives of  2,3diaminonaphtalene – synthesis, reactivity, properties
Supervisor: Julita Eilmes, Dr habil.

Tomasz Wróbel
Atherosclerotic tissues and cells analysis by means of vibrational spectroscopy imaging and chemometrics
Supervisor: Professor Małgorzata Barańska

Monika Pasternak-Suder
Application of hydroxyacetone in the stereocontrolled synthesis of ketohexoses and iminosugars
Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Sebastian Baś
Enantio- and diastereoselective reactions of hydroxyketones with aldehydes catalyzed by tertiary amines
Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Kinga Mlekodaj
Studies of porosity in the crystalline microporous materials with the use of thermodesorption of hydrocarbons
Supervisor: Wacław Makowski, Dr habil.

Magdalena Jabłońska
Selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen and water vapour in the presence of multicomponent oxide systems doped with noble metals
Supervisor: Lucjan Chmielarz, Dr habil.

Olaf Stefańczyk
Magnetic and photomagnetic molecular switches based on copper(II) complexes and octacyanidometallates
Supervisor: Professor Barbara Sieklucka

Smita Basu
Enantiotioselective Vinylogous-Mukaiyama-Michael Reaction with Acyclic Silyl Dienolates
Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Magdalena Wytrwał
Interaction of novel derivatives of poly(allylamine hydrochloride) with lipid membrane systems – liposomes and cells
Supervisor: Professor Maria Nowakowska

Maciej Roman
Analysis of secondary metabolites using vibrational spectroscopy methods and quantum-chemical calculations
Supervisor: Professor Małgorzata Barańska

Piotr Zabierowski
Substituent effects and central atom influence on structure and physicochemical properties of copper, vanadium and cobalt imine complexes based on salicylaldehyde and o-phthalaldehyde
Supervisor: Professor Janusz Szklarzewicz

Dominik Drozd
Synthesis and properties of hybrid photosensitizers based on layered aluminosilicate
Supervisor: Krzysztof Szczubiałka, Dr habil.

Maria Oszajca
Metal complexes in the activation of nitric oxide and dioxygen. Mechanistic studies on model systems of biomedical relevance
Supervisor: Professor Grażyna Stochel

Osama El-Sepelgy
Biomimetic carbon-carbon bond formation:synthesis of ulosonic acids
Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Karolina Tarach
Hierarchical zeolites obtained from desilication process – textural and spectroscopic characterization. Nature and accessibility of acid sites
Supervisor: Professor Jerzy Datka

Katarzyna Gębarowska
Elaboration of methodology for shape-memory polyestercarbonates analysis by means of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Supervisor: Professor Janusz Kasperczyk

Danuta Dudek-Adamska
Application of electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS) for the determination of chromium and nickel in biological material for chemical and toxicological forensic purposes
Supervisor: Professor Paweł Kościelniak

Maciej Stafiński
Theoretical and experimental examination of selenium recovery with the use of atomic spectrometry techniques
Supervisor: Professor Paweł Kościelniak

Magdalena Staszewska
Preparation and characterization of the hybrid silica and silicone structures
Supervisor: Professor Maria Nowakowska

Katarzyna Zasada
Nano and micro structural drug carriers
Supervisor: Professor Maria Nowakowska

Łukasz Łańcucki
Insight into stability of proton conducting polymer membranes in environment of operating PEM fuel cell
Supervisor: Krzysztof Kruczała, Dr habil

Anna Mikulska
Photocrosslinking polymeric materials for biomedical applications
Supervisor: Krzysztof Szczubiałka, Dr habil

Dorota Bielska
Nanostructured carriers of curcumin
Supervisor: Professor Maria Nowakowska

Monika Orlof
Physicochemical investigation of calixarene derivatives for biomedical application
Supervisor: Professor Maria Paluch

Marta Musioł
(Bio)degradation study of packaging materials obtained on the basis of aliphatic polyesters derivatives of hydroxyl acids under industrial composting conditions
Supervisor: Professor Marek Kowalczuk

Michał Szuwarzyński
Conductive and stimuli-responsive polymeric brushes grafted from surfaces
Supervisor: Szczepan Zapotoczny, Dr habil

Marek Inger
Catalytic low-temperature nitrous oxide decomposition from nitric acid plant gases
Supervisor: Andrzej Kotarba, Dr habil

Rafał Kurczab
Development and validation of virtual screening protocol, as a tool to support the process of finding new drugs
Supervisor: Andrzej Bojarski, Dr habil

Marcin Oszajca
Classic and new methods of structural powder diffractometry in studies of materials
Supervisor: Professor Wiesław Łasocha

Marek Oszajca
Molecular engineering of semiconducting surfaces
Supervisor: Konrad Szaciłowski, Dr habil

Dariusz Szczepanik
Probabilistic models of the chemical bond in the function spaces
Supervisor: Janusz Mrozek, Dr habil

Marta Woyciechowska
Study of Mukaiyama reaction and vinylogous Mukaiyama reaction in the presence of water catalyzed by Lewis acids
Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Marzena Suder
Selected cell-lines interactions with the surface of single crystal mineral apatite plates of known crystallographic orientation
Supervisor: Professor Katarzyna Stadnicka

Maria Owińska
Conformational analysis of amide derivatives of selected lactams and natural amino acids – the potential peptidomimetic building blocks
Supervisor: Barbara Rys, Dr habil

Bogdan Musielak
Synthesis and conformational analysis selected N-heterocyclic systems
Supervisor: Barbara Rys, Dr habil

Anna Mitoń:
The synthesis and functionalization of  ω-thiaalk-1-ins
Supervisor: Janusz Sepioł, Dr habil

Paulina Chęsy
A generalized concept of similarity analysis and application in environmental monitoring and forensic research. Resistance of the methods of similarity analysis to uncertainty of the measured data
Supervisor: Professor Andrzej Parczewski

Maria Mańko
Application of the thermodesorption methods in studies on micro-and mesoporous silica materials
Supervisor: Wacław Makowski, Dr habil

Arkadiusz Knapik
Application of coupled atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy to study catalysts surface
Supervisor: Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil

Przemysław Jodłowski
High mass transport catalytic converters to control emissions from biogas fuelled engines
Supervisors: Joanna Łojewska, Dr habil, Andrzej Kołodziej, Dr habil

Paweł Knihnicki
Determination of psychoactive drugs in oral fluid witch electrochemical detection
Supervisor: Professor Paweł Kościelniak

Rafał Janus
Mesoporous oxide materials modified with thermally activated polymers as adsorbents of volatile organic compounds
Supervisor: Piotr Kuśtrowski, Dr habil

Piotr de Silva
Subsystems in computational chemistry: Linear scaling and conceptual perspectives Supervisor: Jacek Korchowiec, Dr habil

Szymon Buda
Study of stereoselective glycosylation reaction using orto-substituted benzyl groups Supervisor: Professor Jacek Młynarski

Anna Stachowicz
Charge sensitivity analysis perspective to polarizable force fields
Supervisor: Jacek Korchowiec, Dr habil

Agnieszka Przybyłowicz
Essential and toxic elements in blood and alternative materials in patients with laryngeal cancer
Supervisor: Professor Wojciech Piekoszewski

Marek Michalec
Structural and phase properties of selected functional materials
Supervisor: Professor Stanisław Hodorowicz

Diana Dołęga
Investigations of the phase transitions interrelated with the crystal structure and vibrational-reorientational dynamics changes in some hexaammineruthenium(III) coordination ionic compounds
Supervisor: Professor Edward Mikuli

Anna Susz
Development on new photosensitizers for PDT by chemical modifications of chlorophylls
Supervisors: Professor Grażyna Stochel, Leszek Fiedor, Dr habil

Wiktor Niemiec
Functional polymeric nano- and microstructures
Supervisor: Profesor Maria Nowakowska

Monika Ruszak
Synthesis, modification, spectroscopic characterization and reactivity of nanoporous calcium aluminate of mayenite structure
Supervisor: Professor Zbigniew Sojka