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Małgorzata Brindell
“Anticancer ruthenium complexes – towards understanding their mode of action”

Mariusz Mitoraj
“From structure to catalytic reactions – theoretical description of selected non-covalent interactions based on charge and energy decomposition method (ETS-NOCV)”

Marcin Makowski
“Increasing efficiency of theoretical methods for description of electronic structure – from the assessment of existing approximations through the proposal of new methods and algorithms to the implementation on modern computer architectures”

Piotr Pietrzyk
“Molecular-level insight into activation mechanisms of small molecules in context of nitrogen oxides decomposition over zeolitic systems – EPR spectroscopy and DFT modeling”

Aleksandra Pałasz
“Expansion of hetero-Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction scope of 1-oxa-1,3-butadienes and alkenes – in search of new heterodienes and dienophiles as reaction with potential application in biorthogonal chemistry”

Kamilla Małek
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) in biomedical studies

Dariusz Matoga
From mononuclear complexes to metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with the use of     aroyl-hydrazone precursor

Ewa Mielniczek-Brzóska
Processes of crystallization of ammonium oxalate in the presence of ionic impurities

Marcin Molenda
From nanostructured materials to Li-ion electrode nanocomposites with self-    assembled conductive carbon layers

Katarzyna Hąc-Wydro
The study on the influence of plant sterols and plant stanol on lipid monolayers – the analysis of membrane properties of phytocompounds in model systems

Anna Karewicz
New polymeric carriers of the biologically active substances for the therapy of degenerative diseases

Witold Piskorz
Quantum-chemical modelling of the relations between structure and morphology of oxide nanograins and their electronic properties and catalytic activity

Krzysztof Zborowski
Tautomerism and aromaticity of selected chemical species studied by advanced theoretical approaches

Paweł Wydro
Physicochemical characteristics of monolayers containing the lipids of human and bacterial membranes

Andrzej Adamski
Functionalization of the selected oxide systems toward their catalytic applications in heterogeneous redox processes

Zuzanna Brożek-Mucha
Chemical and morphological aspects of gunshot residues examinations by means of X-ray microanalysis

Dariusz Zuba
Identification of new psychotropic and narcotic substances and their impurities seized from the drug market

Robert Podgajny
Towards novel functional magnetic materials: magnetic coordination hybrid networks

Mariusz Kępczyński
Lipid and surfactant vesicular nanostructures – properties and applications

Jolanta Kochana
New enzymatic electrochemical sensors in environmental and food analysis

Krzysztof Danel
The synthesis of anthracene and azaheterocyclic derivatives and their applications in pharmacology and optoelectronics

Joanna Kozak
The use flow techniques for development and rationalization of methods of analytical calibration