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Activities for schools

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Activities for schools

The Faculty of Chemistry is actively committed to propagating the chemical sciences among the general public with the aim to raise their science-awareness and develop passion for science. It thus closely cooperates with schools offering a number of attractive chemistry educational activities both for school teachers and school students.

The meetings of chemistry school teachers are held regularly twice a year. They serve two functions: to teach teachers new teaching techniques and to exchange experiences. The autumn meetings consist of oral presentations, one scientific and others on chemistry teaching techniques, whereas the spring meetings are typically poster sessions.

Edited by the Department of Chemical Education, the quarterly is addressed to science school teachers as well as to students interested in teaching. In addition to the popularization of science, chemistry in particular, "Niedziałki" provides a forum for the exchange of both experiences and information on novel science teaching techniques. It also informs teachers and students of the current activities offered by the Faculty, such as teachers' meetings, chemistry competitions for school students, university open days and chemistry olympiads.

A regional chemistry competition for secondary school students is an important event in that it ensures that the laureates are admitted to chemistry and environmental studies at our Faculty without qualification procedures.

The course is addressed to secondary-school leavers and is intended to provide preparation for the successful school leaving exam. Students meet every month for a session that consists of a lecture, seminar and laboratory work.

The aim of the Chemistry Olympiad is to promote the interest in chemistry among secondary- school students and guide its development towards the University and beyond. The Faculty of Chemistry is in charge of Round I and II of the Polish Chemistry Olympiad.

Organized jointly by the ProChemia Foundation and the Faculty of Chemistry, the course is addressed to secondary-school students intending to participate in the Chemistry Olympiad.  The course embraces topics from general, inorganic and organic chemistry in the form of (i) lectures designed for beginners (grade I), and (ii) laboratory practicals for advanced students (grade II and III).

Exciting Chemistry is a series of classes for middle-school students, wherein chemical experiments are presented and explained. 

Addressed to middle- and secondary-school students, the cryogenic presentation consists of: (i) a lecture on the history of gas condensation and on the applications of cryogenics, and (ii) numerous experiments that demonstrate the exciting properties of materials at low temperatures.

The Open Days at the Faculty of Chemistry is an opportunity for secondary-school students to visit the Faculty. There they will see the labs, facilities and experiments in progress as well as meet the academic staff. The event aims to inspire the young science enthusiasts to take up chemistry studies at our Faculty.

The Children's University offers 6 to 13 year olds exciting learning activities outside normal school hours. It provides children with opportunities to discover science as well as encourages them to further develop the science interests.