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ASC Alumni group is organizing a photo, video and blog post competition.

The competition is open to all ASC current students and alumni provided the individual successfully enrolled or graduated from the ASC course.

ASC students are invited to submit photographs or videos (one per member/group of max 3 persons) or blog post to the ASC Alumni representative and the deputy ASC alumni representative by means of email:  

Photo as attachment / Video as you-tube link /blog post as web link and text in word file.

The deadline for submission to this competition is extended to 20th of February, 2018, 11:59PM CET.

Photos Videos and blog post should meet the following criteria (where applicable)

  • Concern a topic of general practical interest to other ASC students. Be creative!
    A few examples:
    How ASC differs with other local master programs in your university,
    How ASC changed your career,
    How ASC changed your personal life,
    What is your advice for an ASC applicant?
    International exposure, a game changer! Prove it.
    Key learning of ASC mobility,
    Standards of ASC education,
    Life is joyful with ASC mates,
    ASC and Europe, what to expect?
    From ASC to landing at your dream job
  • Be useful and instructive, communicating a simple message in a clear manner
  • Make optimum use of visual techniques to assist comprehension
  • Be language-independent where possible to ensure the message is understandable to as many people as possible. Where text and/or voice commentary are necessary, good-quality English must be used (additional languages/versions may be added)
  • Be concise and focussed in order to maintain viewer interest throughout (e.g. probably should not exceed 90 seconds maximum duration and 100 words maximum for blog post)
  • Be in an electronic format suitable for web-publication (e.g. mpeg) – either already published (e.g. YouTube – you must give the exact URL)
  • Be the original work of the ASC student (or group of students) and free of any copyright – the video may be a recent already-existing production, or be produced specifically for this competition.
  • Must not include any images or texts that may be offensive to viewers (e.g. on grounds of religious, ethnic, gender, sexual discrimination) or which may incite hatred, or which may encourage or condone illegal actions.

ASC alumni representatives will appoint a jury (representing ASC students and/or any professional parties as appropriate) who will select a short-list of submitted photos, videos and blog posts. These shortlisted entries will be presented via the ASC Facebook webpage (members-only section) for a limited period so that MCAA members can post comments and vote (by means of a ‘Like’ button) for their favorite. At the end of this limited period, the jury will choose, based on their own expert opinion, as well as on the comments and votes by ASC students, a winning entry in each category (photo/video/blog spot), and the winner will receive a prize of €150 in the form of Amazon vouchers. The decision of the jury is final.

All submitted entries will be properties of ASC program and will not be subjected to any copy or legally protected rights from participants. ASC program has the right to make public display of any of the submitted entries at any time in any form after announcing of the results.


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